Trouble with your paycheck recently? PGSU is trying to find out why!

This semester, PGSU has received numerous reports of paychecks with numerous fees applied to them, with little explanation. Some fees are applied all at once in one month instead of over the semester/year; for many fees it is difficult or impossible to find out their origin or reason. These reports have come overwhelmingly from first-year grads and international grads. Essentially, people seem to not know what they will be paid at the end of the month, and why they will not be paid their full amount. There is little transparency on payment from the administration.

To the end of having a detailed push for payment transparency, PGSU is trying to find out more about what exactly the paychecks of grads across departments look like.  Please fill out our survey (below) so we can learn, despite the administration’s vagueness and lack of answers, about our paychecks.

PGSU’s response to the changes made to the Student Health Plan + take our survey!

We have some concerns about the recent changes made to the Student Health Plan in regards to out-of-network coverage (didn’t know about these changes? Learn more) and we ask the administration to commit to some specific, basic SHP protections for graduate workers, in the below open letter to the administration. We are still trying to find out more about how grads will be affected! Please take our survey so that we can learn about how grads are dealing and will deal with these changes. The administration needs to be transparent about the cost of our healthcare!