Week of 05/11 admin letters, annotated

It’s past time to submit grades for the semester, but PGSU is going ahead and annotating recent communications by President Chris Eisgruber (05/11) and Dean Sarah-Jane Leslie (05/11)! Take a look below! (Scroll down for full documents)

Click here for full annotated letter from Pres. Eisgruber.

Click here for full annotated letter from Dean Leslie.

May 1 Day of Action Update

On May 1, PGSU members and Princeton grads – nearly 200 of them – had a Day of Action.


We were able to make 550+ calls to 4 key administrators at Princeton, filling their mailboxes and 7 others afterward! This follows our Stop-The-Clock petition to make a one-year funding extension available to all grads, which garnered nearly 900 signatures from Princeton grads, undergrads and allies. Of course, this was simply a response to their continued inaction on that issue, and this action is not the end! As long as the administration does not grant this necessary provision, we will be continuing to push them for it. If you would like to get involved with this and/or our other campaigns, email askpgsu@gmail.com or become a member using the link in the menu above!