Week of 05/11 admin letters, annotated

It’s past time to submit grades for the semester, but PGSU is going ahead and annotating recent communications by President Chris Eisgruber (05/11) and Dean Sarah-Jane Leslie (05/11)! Take a look below! (Scroll down for full documents) Click here for full annotated letter from Pres. Eisgruber. Click here for full annotated letter from Dean Leslie.

May 1 Day of Action Update

On May 1, PGSU members and Princeton grads – nearly 200 of them – had a Day of Action.   We were able to make 550+ calls to 4 key administrators at Princeton, filling their mailboxes and 7 others afterward! This follows our Stop-The-Clock petition to make a one-year funding extension available to all grads, which garnered nearly 900 signatures from Princeton …