About PGSU

Princeton Graduate Students United is a group of graduate students committed to winning the right and the opportunity to have a say in the terms and conditions of our employment here at Princeton. Through ground-up, grassroots organization, we are identifying the needs and concerns of Princeton graduate student workers and the ways in which we can improve our relationship with the University and with each other. We are researchers, teachers, scientists, and humanists. We are of diverse backgrounds, origins, gender identities, and colors. We are building a community that transcends the divisions of our disciplines. Our goals include, but are not limited to:

    • Better compensation for researchers and teachers
    • Improved health care coverage
    • Increased protection from arbitrary termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination
    • Transparent and effective grievance procedures
  • Affordable and acceptable housing for all grads

We are working hard, but we need your help!  If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to talk with one of our graduate student organizers, contact us today at AskPGSU@gmail.com and set up a meeting!