PGSU / Princeton Students for Title IX Reform campaign on Prof. Joshua Katz

CW: The following slides and the article linked above contain information about allegations of sexual misconduct. If you need support and would like to talk to us, contact us anytime via our worker support form: You can find an overview of confidential and reporting resources on campus here:…/resources).

PGSU and Princeton Students for Title IX Reform are launching a joint campaign this week to raise awareness around the recent allegations against Professor of Classics Joshua Katz and the administration’s repeated failure to keep students safe. On February 4, the Daily Princetonian published an investigation demonstrating decades of predatory behavior by this professor. As with previous cases, the Princeton administration is missing in action. Survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence have been let down by Princeton for too long. Please share and amplify our campaign on social media this week and join us if you want to fight for real accountability at Princeton and help plan the next steps. We have standing meetings Thursdays at 5pm (email to receive the link). Read the Daily Princetonian’s Article from Feb 4 here:…/alumni-allegations…

Demand that Princeton expand access to COVID services to the broader community!

PGSU is part of a coalition with Princeton Mutual Aid, Princeton Anti-Austerity Coalition, Unidad Latina en Acción NJ, Divest Princeton, and PU Policy Student Government to demand that the university expand access to its COVID health services (that it currently offers to the university-affiliated) to the whole Princeton-area community, including the city of Trenton! Not only is this a public health crisis, it is a moral crisis as well! The university, with its vast resources and power, must step up for its community at this time. This follows the protest that the coalition organized on 2/13, at which 200 people came to demand the same. (See here for more details on that event.)

Please sign the petition, and see the demands in full, here:

Solidarity with Student Protesters at Boğaziçi University

PGSU stands firmly in solidarity with student protesters at Boğaziçi University in İstanbul in their continued struggle against the Turkish government’s assaults on higher education, police violence, and repression of political dissent. We unconditionally stand with their demands for academic freedom and autonomy. Read our full statement below:…/1soYMBW5L0JQz8RtiaWUW…/edit…

Sign a solidarity letter here:…/1FAIpQLSc…/viewform