COVID-19 Testimonials

In response to and along with the PGSU stop-the-clock petition, before the Day of Action on May 1, over 90 grads sent in testimonials documenting their experience with COVID-19 and the associated disruptions to their lives, academic and in general. Here are some of them.

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Julie Tierney (G3, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology):


Katie Donnelly (G3, Sociology)


Jannia Gómez-González (G3, Spanish & Portuguese)


Henry Gomory (G3, Sociology)


 Wei Gan (G3, Anthropology)


Dee Ruttenberg (G1, Quantitative & Computational Biology)


Parijat Chakrabarti (G5, Sociology)


Julia Grummitt (G6, History)


Elias Pitegoff, (G2, German)


Jesse Rumsey-Merlan, DCE, Anthropology









Again, if you are a Princeton grad who would like to submit a testimonial, (anonymously if you prefer), or if you would like to get involved with PGSU organizing around funding issues, please contact or become a member with the menu link at the top!