PGSU and grads statement on anti-Black racism and violence from police

In light of the horrific violence against the Black community by the police that has been spotlighted this past week,  we are looking to do what we can as an organization to affirm the Black Lives Matter movement and to support antiracist and anti-police brutality movements nationwide. To this end, PGSU has helped to produce, and stands fully with, this statement drafted by the X-Campus Organizing Group. (Anybody and any organization can sign.)

It calls for, among other things:
– universities to break ties with their local police departments and law enforcement (like UMN has done) 
– committing resources to support community-led alternatives to policing
– propose plans to protect Black and other marginalized students on campus from racial profiling and racist violence by police and law enforcement.
This is of course not enough. We want to work with other organizations on- and off-campus and in and beyond the Princeton community to do more to fight against anti-Black racism, police brutality, and for abolition. Please let us know if you have organizations or initiatives in mind that we could work with.
Here are some resources that PGSU has cobbled together, including educational materials on meaningful antiracism and links to funds to donate to (this is a live document, if you have resources that are not represented here please feel free to add them).
Finally, we hope folks can attend this action today at 5pm at the Fitzrandolph Gate, at the corner of Witherspoon and Nassau Streets.