PGSU stands in solidarity with UC Santa Cruz and Harvard striking grads

PGSU stands in solidarity with the Harvard Graduate Student Union’s fight for a fair contract and the University of California, Santa Cruz graduate worker wildcat strike for a cost-of-living adjusted wage. The HGSU has been trying to negotiate a contract for close to a year, but the Harvard administration has repeatedly ignored their requests and the majority support for their bargaining until very recently. The UCSC students are striking as their cost of housing has increased to take up around 50% of student income, while the level of pay has not grown proportionally. They are asking the university to increase pay so that they might comfortably afford basic necessities, such as housing and food, that should already be provided for under a graduate stipend. Had this been included in their contract, that union leadership ratified and that which 85% of the bargaining unit voted to reject, this wildcat action would not have been necessary. We understand that this action, undertaken without the express permission of union leadership and in part directed against union leadership, requires immense bravery and sacrifice. We recognize that the actions of university administrations at Harvard and at UCSC are unjust and deeply harmful to graduate workers, who are simply trying to work and live comfortably and with the dignity that should come from having a unionized workplace, with union leadership that fights for union workers. PGSU stands firmly with the striking graduate workers at UCSC and at Harvard. 


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