PGSU response petition to Princeton administration regarding COVID-19

Here is our initial statement and petition to the university’s administration. As of 05/01/20, this document is no longer updating, because we are actively working on making a detailed platform for each item and pushing the administration in more direct and concrete ways. Over 600 people, Princeton grads and allies, signed the petition, which was submitted twice to over 25 administrators.


Please see our statement and petition to the university administration regarding the transition brought on by COVID-19. We do not want any of Princeton’s community members – no campus workers, undergrads, grads, postdocs or staff – to be left behind in this incredibly difficult time. Please add your name below and share – all are welcome to sign, regardless of any Princeton affiliation! We have also included an option to submit testimonials in the petition. Do not hesitate to reach out at if you have issues that are not being addressed either by the university or by the petition. We are all in this together!

A finalized version of the petition will be posted online, along with the signatories.

Submitted 1) on 03/19/20, 2) on 04/10/20